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About the Practitioner

Neil Wheatley LMT, CNMT, CNT

Neil graduated from New Life School of Massage in 1998 and has studied massage practices and techniques around the world.  He has studied massage in Australia, China, Costa Rica and Hawaii.  He has also taught workshops in the UK and Germany.  In addition to massage he has certified in Lymph Drainage Therapy and is currently taking Visceral Manipulation training.  Neil is licensed in both Georgia and Hawaii.

Neil has taken the strong components from the many 'styles' of massage he has learned and blended them together to give the client a soft, gentle yet very effective application of touch.  His findings when working with the body is that the body responds more readily to a nurturing touch than to a more aggresive approach.

Since each individual is unique in their own way, each session is created to provide the client with a means to relax their entire body allowing for a transformation to occur in the Spiritual Body, Emotional Body and Physical Body.

Neil enjoys traveling around the world and working whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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